How To Flash A ROM In Your Android Device

If you have rooted your android device then you may have noticed that you have access to the system files and are able to use your device to its full potential. This also allows you to install root only apps from the play store which also allows you to enjoy new features from your android device.

In addition to installing root only apps you can also install custom ROM in your android device and take advantage of certain new feature that you can’t simply get from the ROM that are officially available from the device vendors. These custom ROM are made by expert programmers who like to add certain cool tweaks that even helps to breathe life to your aging android device.


So we have prepared a guide for beginners that will help them to flash a ROM using ROM Manager in your android device and enjoy the new user experience that comes from using a new ROM.


How To Flash A ROM In Android

  1. If your device is rooted then visit the play store and download ROM Manager. The app will ask for root privileges when you launch it for the first so grant it the root access.
  2. Now scroll down the app and tap on Download ROM. The app will search for different ROM over the internet and will show you the list of available ROM for your android device which can be downloaded.
  3. Tap the ROM you want to download and make sure that you are using a Wi-Fi connection because the ROM is usually several hundred megabytes in size. The default saving location will be your SD card.
  4. After the download is complete tap on install ROM and locate your ROM from you’re the SD card.
  5. When the installation begins a dialogue box will pop up asking you several options so make sure to select backup your existing ROM. This will help you to restore your device to its previous installation if something does go wrong.
  6. Also tick the boxes Wipe data and cache this will ensure that there is a clean installation of the new ROM.
  7. Also tick the box Wipe Dalvik cache this will help you to optimize performance of your device under the new ROM.
  8. After you have ticked all the three boxes tap on OK to start the flashing process. Be patient as the entire process will take up to 10-15min. Also your first boot under the boot will take several seconds so be patient.
  9. If you are not satisfied with the ROM that is being displayed by ROM manager and want to take a look at the different variety of custom ROM that are available then visit to get the latest ROM for your device.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to easily install custom ROM in your android device easily in few simple steps.

Do let us know if there are any other easy ways with which custom ROM can be installed and also the name of your favorite ROM that you have been using.

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