How to Fix the Common Photoshop Problems

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous software for photo editing that is widely used. At most times it’s not the most user friendly software and can lead to problem and frustrations.

This article will provide you to solutions to some of the problems that is most commonly encountered in Photoshop. The problems that occur in the photo shop range from simple problems to most complex that often at times will make you to close the program.

Fix Photoshop Problems

So let’s take a look at some of the problems that commonly occur and how to fix them.

1.  Cursor Disappears or Changes Shape:

  • Problem: Often working with some type of tool and then returning to the brush you find that the cursor has changed shape or disappeared.
  • Solution: if your cursor looks something other than a pointer then a simple press of CAPS LOCK key will revert it back to normal.
  • You can also change the cursor to your preference shortcut key is Ctrl + K

2.  Panels Keep Disappearing:

  • Problem: when you’re working on a panel suddenly you notice that one or more of your panels have vanished but the menu is still visible. What is the cause of the problem?
  • Solution: sometimes accidental press on the TAB button hides all the panels if you press it the second time the panels will reappear.

3.  Brush Tool or Another Tool has Stopped Working:

  • Problem: You are trying to use one of the Photoshop tools to perform paint, erase, clone stamp, heal brush etc. but aren’t able to perform them or the tool isn’t responding like normal.
  • Solution: this problem can be caused due to one of the reasons. Go to select and deselect if you have any area selected.
  • From there navigate to channels panel and check whether you’re not working on any quick mask channel. If you are then click combined RGB channel.
  • If you’re working in quickmask mode then pressing the button Q to return to normal.

4.  Clipboard Export Error During Switching Programs:

  • Problem: Photoshop hangs every time you switch programs or gives you some error message regarding the clipboard.
  • Solution: press CTRL + K to go into preference and under general setting you will find “Export Clipboard”.
  • This will prevent you from copy-pasting image data from Photoshop.

5.  Documents or Files Open In New Tab:

  • Problem: every time you open a new file or document it opens in a new tab.
  • Solution: go to preference by pressing CTRL+K and navigate to interface where you can disable the tabs for newly opened documents.

6.  Image Files Not Associated With Photoshop:

  • Problem: some times you open an image file expecting it to open in photoshop but it opens in some other image program that you have installed.
  • Solution: right click on the file you want to open in Photoshop and select open with and navigate to choose default program and set Photoshop as the default program.

7.  Constantly Resizing Windows After Zoom:

  • Problem: sometime after zooming in and out of an image the image window stays the same as when you zoomed in and you end resizing the window to when you zoom out.
  • Solution: go to preference by pressing CTRL+K and look in general tab.
  • You will notice an option for Zoom resizes windows which will automatically resize your windows when you zoom into an image file.

So there are some of the common problems that you might have encountered on day to day basis of using Photoshop. So the solutions have led to solving your problems now you can enjoy Photo shopping with ease.

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