How to fix rundll32.exe

Maybe you are wondering what this rundll32.exe which is very popular on your system is. Actually, this is an important process which allows your computer to start and run programs. Without it, no program will be opened. However, there are some instances that rundll32.exe is not always a trusted process. Most virus creators have stealth themselves behind the name of rundll32.exe.

Fix Rundll32 Error

Checking Out an Infected Rundll32.exe

Since there is a possibility that a rundll32.exe is already infected with virus or a virus itself, you need to sure whether you are running a good or bad rundll32.exe process, before going to fix it.

How Rundll32.exe Becomes Infected?

Actually, it can all come from being so vulnerable to malwares and viruses. This is the reason why installing the strongest and most effective antivirus available in the market. Some hackers can successfully make their way to your rundll32.exe. Once they have input virus or malware there, you will notice a severe slowing down of your computer until it reaches the point that you cannot even move your mouse cursor. Also, you may get a infected when you are fond of going to unsafe websites. Refrain from going to websites which have questionable offers and never ever disclose the access passwords to your computer online. That is very dangerous.

Also, it can also be obtained by having a bot or malware which is called as the DDOS (Distributed Denial-Of-Service). These are files which cannot be detected by some of the popular and effective antivirus. However, if in case you believe you are already infected with this, you can get rid of it by tweaking your system.

So, how will you detect for yourself that you have obtained an infected rundll32.exe? Just go to your system’s task manager. Once you see more than one running rundll32.exe process, then your computer is already infected. Do not panic. There is a way for you to get rid of it.

Fixing Rundll32.exe Issue

If you will go through forum sites, they will always redirect you to several products. Actually, most of those products are useless since they cannot detect an infected rundll32.exe thus, those cannot cure this infection.

It is also not advisable for you to reformat your PC since there is still a way for you to get out from this burden.

  1. Go to the “Start” menu and click on “run”. Now on the space provided type “cmd” which will redirect you to the command prompt.
  2. On the command prompt window, type in: takeown /f  C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe
  3. From there, you will still have to take the ownership of the file and you can never delete that file unless you own it. Type in the full command: C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe /G rdx:F (for the term “rdx”, change it with your system’s name).
  4. After that, proceed to the C:WindowsSystem32 and try to delete the infected rundll32.exe file. If you cannot succeed with this, restart your system. Press F8 and choose Safe Mode. After that, go to “Run” option again and type in: C:Windowssystem32rundll32.exe. For sure, you will now be able to delete the file. Restart the system. See the changes on your computer’s or system’s performance.

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