How To Find Your Computers Public And Private IP Address

IP addresses are the address that the computers use to communicate with each other through the internet. Without an IP address the two devices are blind and will not be able to connect to the internet. So what is the difference between public and private IP address?

Public IP address are the IP address that the router uses to connect to the internet and it is widely available in the internet which other computers can use to connect to your router or computer. A Private IP address is the one which your devices use they connect to your home network and this IP address isn’t available in the internet so external device from the internet cannot connect to your home network.

IP addresses

You need the IP address of your computer to host a server whether a public server or privately owned server within your home. So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to find your computers IP address and help you to configure your network.

How To Find Your Private IP Address

private IP

  1. Open control panel and click on view network status and tasks
  2. Now click on the name of your internet connect to view the status
  3. Click on details and you will see the IP address in the network connection details window
  4. Another quick way to find your IP address is open command prompt and type ipcconfig.
  5. This command will show your IPv4 address


How To Find Your Public IP Address

public IP

  1. You can search Google with what is my IP and it will display your public IP since this IP is used to connect to websites over the internet.
  2. You can also access your routers administration page and it will display your public IP which can be under the modem IP address. Consult your router technical manual to see where the public IP is listed.


There you have an easy guide that allows you to find your public and private IP address thus allowing you to create your network with ease.

If you know of any other way with which you can find your IP address then do let us know.

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  1. Mailing Services says:

    Can you tell me what is the need for us to know the IP Address of our computer?Why we need this and why we should change or create by ourself?

  2. Well @Mailing Services you may need the ip for e.g if you configuring some firewall , games , port forwarding ,server or other services .

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