How to Find the Song Used in a YouTube Video

After watching a YouTube video, you came up to an idea of having a copy of that song but you do not know its title. For this, it may become impossible for you to find the song title used for that particular video. Well, it is possible nowadays. There are several tweaks which can help you view the song title along with the artist which is used on a particular YouTube video.

Song Used in YouTube

Find the Song Used in a YouTube Video

  1. Some of the uploaded YouTube videos use the Audio Swap Library. If a particular YouTube vide used this function, you can easily find the song’s title by clicking on the “Video Statistics” button just below the YouTube video. Keep in mind that this trick will work only for those videos which used Audio Swap Library.
  2. If your chosen YouTube video used a popular music track, then you can settle using the abilities of music identification application. This will help you identify even the title of instrumental background music. You just have to install Shazam which is a mobile application ( Now, play the YouTube video on your desktop and put your mobile phone near to the speaker. It can identify the song title through it. You can also download Midoni ( on your desktop.
  3. You can also use Twitter in identifying the song name. You just need to enter the YouTube video ID on the Twitter search box. After hitting the magnifying glass button, several tweets involving that video will appear. For sure, at least one among those tweets may share the title of the song. Keep in mind that you will use the YouTube video ID not the video URL.
  4. If you are good in transcribing, you may listen carefully to the lyrics of the song. Then, type in the first few lyrics on the Google search bar. It will show the title of the song having those lyrics on the first lines.
  5. Popular YouTube videos may have a lot of comments below it. You can try back reading the comments there and check if one of the comments shared the title of the song. However, back reading can be painful especially when you are in a hurry. Here’s a way for you to deal with this easily. Open the YouTube page containing the video with the unknown song. Now, click on the “All Comments” option to bring up all the comments pertaining to that video. Then, choose “Sort by Thread”. After that, press ctrl+F on your keyboard. On the Find box, type in the term “song”, “tune”, or “music”. It will highlight all the comments with those kinds of words which may reveal the title of the song.
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