How To Find And Control Your Phone With CellAgent App

Losing your phone is a very serious risk because your device contains all the vital information related to you including your credit card details. The thief can take advantage of your account and target other people or even use your credit card details to do online shopping leaving the bills for you.

There are many apps in the play store that will help you to track your lost phone and also help you to lock your phone remotely. Some of the apps also offer the functionality of remotely wiping your device memory so none of your details remain.


So we have prepared a guide for your using the cellagent app that will allow you to track and find your lost android phone before any of the information from it can be misused.

How To Find Your Android

  1. Visit the play store and download the cellagent app. After you launch the app for first time you need to register with an account either you can use the existing google account or you can create a new cellagent account. Choose the option you want and tap on next.
  2. To get the full functionality from the app you need to tap on the Enable option and you can access the administrative function that can be used to lock and erase the memory of your device.
  3. You can access the settings of the app to get more options such as reset your device to factory settings and remote erase SD card.
  4. Now on your desktop visit the and log in with the cellagent account that you used to log in to the app.
  5. On your browser all the options will be displayed for controlling your android device remotely. You can click on locate on the map that will display your phone’s current location.
  6. If you click on track location then you can track the location of your device in a specified time frame.
  7. If you use the remote lock feature then you need to input a code in the website which in turn needs to be inputted in your phone to unlock it.
  8. In the event there is no internet connection available then you can send a sms from another device to receive the location of your phone.
  9. After you have received the coordinates you can enter them on cellagent website under map manually to see where your device is.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to use cellagent app to locate and secure device remotely.

Do let us know of any other app that will help you to locate and secure device as soon as you have lost it.

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