How to Enjoy Safe Web Browsing with WOT

There are so many websites these days that it becomes difficult to tell whether its bad for you to visit or not. Even some of the websites skip the protection of our antivirus or the protection offered by the Google services in screening malware websites.

Well now you can enjoy safer browsing with the help of WOT (web of trust). You can now surf and enjoy browsing with a peace of mind. Currently WOT is available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer only. If your using any other browser then WOT has only limited functionality in other browsers.

Safe Web Browsing WOT

Following is an article which is prepared in order to guide you on how to set up WOT so that you can enjoy browsing the internet without any worry.

1.  Setup in Firefox:

  • WOT is available as an extension in Firefox and you can download and install it as you would with some other extension.
  • When your presented with WOT end user license agreement click accept to activate the WOT extension.
  • Once you have accepted WOT button will be visible at the left side of address bar.
  • You will notice an option for choosing the level of protection in your browser window. Select Basic and click next.
  • Once you select the level of protection you will be given the option to create a WOT account. The benefit of this is that you will be able to gain full access to all the features even allowing you to rate websites that you browse.
  • You may select to not register but doing so will prevent you from having complete access to all the features of WOT.
  • Now whenever you visit a website the WOT icon will blink green showing that the website is safe and trusted.
  • For more information on rating system click on WOT button and you can go through the rating system.

2.  Setup WOT in Internet Explorer:

  • Setup process is similar to that in Firefox but here it uses an msi file.
  • You have to accept the end user license agreement before you can install it
  • Once installation is complete the WOT button will be located on the right side below the address bar.
  • Once you open the browser you will be shown a window for selecting the protection level so select basic.
  • Now whenever you perform a search on BING WOT will show a rating of the website just beside their link. A useful feature that will save from visiting harmful websites.
  • You can even see different color rating for each website beside their link in Bing.

3.  Setup In Google Chrome:

  • WOT is available as a bookmarklet in chrome browser.
  • Right click on bookmarks toolbar and select add page.
  • After the window opens name the new bookmark as WOT and copy the address of the bookmarklet and paste it on the URL field.
  • Boomarklet works when you click to activate it.

WOT is an extremely easy to use tool that requires only few minutes to set up and will give you the peace of mind that you need while browsing the internet.

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