How To Enable The Aero Glass Transparency In Windows 8

Aero glass transparency was first introduced to the windows platform with the release of Windows Vista. This provided a new glossy look to the windows and also allowed certain degree of transparency to the title bar allowing you to see which window was open behind your current open window.

With the release of windows 8 the aero transparency was removed and replaced with flat streamlined bar to keep in line with the new metro UI. There are some user who miss out on the aero glass transparency as it provided a nice feel to the windows.

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So we have prepared a guide that will allow you to enable the aero glass transparency in windows 8 even though Microsoft doesn’t want you to.

How To Enable The Aero Glass Transparency Using High Contrast Theme

windows personalization

  1. Right click on your desktop and select personalize
  2. Click on high contrast theme to activate it.
  3. Then click on color option at the bottom of the window to open it but don’t click on anything and leave it open.
  4. Now again right click on your desktop and open a second personalization window.
  5. In second personalization window click on one of the windows theme to activate it
  6. Then go back to the color option window that you had opened and click on save changes button
  7. Now you will notice transparent windows border. It doesn’t come close to aero but it comes close to the transparent glass effect.


How To Enable The Aero Glass Transparency Using Aero8Tuner


  1. You can use this app to enable some of the glass transparency effects that were left behind such as Force high contrast mode to enable transparency without using high contrast theme.
  2. You can also use it to set a custom windows color even the colors that are not available in windows.


There you have two ways with which you can enable aero glass transparency on windows 8. It might feel like disappointment to aero theme lover but Microsoft has removed most of the coding of aero glass transparency from windows 8.

If you know of any other way with which you can enable aero glass transparency on windows 8 do let us know.


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