How To Enable Programs And Custom Scripts When You Boot Your Computer

When you boot up your computer there are many programs that startup at that time such as your antivirus software or your torrent downloading software. Sometimes you want a specific program to startup when your windows boots up early in the morning so that you can either check the news or reply to your emails.

There are many ways to do that by going for some third party utilities but we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to load your favorite program or remove a program from startup when your windows boots up by modifying the task scheduler on your windows.

How To Enable Programs And Custom Scripts at boot

How To Enable Programs And Custom Scripts At Boot Using Task Scheduler

task scheduler

  1. Open your start menu and type task scheduler which allows you to modify what kind of programs are allowed to run at startup. It can also be accessed from control panel in administrative tools
  2. On right side of task scheduler main menu select create task
  3. In the window that opens up enter the name and description of the task and make sure to check the box with run with highest privileges.
  4. Then click on triggers tab at the top and click on NEW. Another windows opens and here under begin the task select At log on. You can also select for which user the task should run.  Click ok to confirm the settings.
  5. Then click on actions tab and click new. Choose start a program and then click on browse to locate the new program that you want to start. After you have selected the program that you want to run click on ok.
  6. You can also use the task scheduler to run custom scripts at boot for example you can use the following command to tell windows to map a network located on to drive F: net use f: /USER:pindgit /P:Yes
  7. You can save the above command in notepad and save it as .bat file and have your task scheduler run it during startup.

How To Enable Programs And Custom Scripts At Boot using Startup Folder

  1. Windows 7 and other previous versions of windows allows you to access the startup folder by going to Start > All programs > Startup
  2. Create a shortcut of the program that you want to run at startup by right clicking and send to desktop then place that shortcut in the startup folder.
  3. If you want to remove a certain program then look in the startup and delete the shortcut.


There you have an easy guide that shows you two ways with which you can launch your favorite program at boot.

If you know of any other way with which you can run your program at boot then do let us know.


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