How to Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Grabber

You should already have come to a point of wanting a particular YouTube video to be played on your PC without the needs of repeatedly going to that YouTube URL or waiting for it to buffer completely. Well, with the help of the YouTube Grabber, it will now be very possible.

If you are frequent visitor of most blog sites, you may encounter most of them popularizing YouTube downloaders. These programs will allow you to download the YouTube video into your computer. However, among the choices of YouTube downloaders, it seems like it is the YouTube Grabber which prevailed to be the best when it comes to the ease of downloading YouTube videos.

According to the developer of YouTube Grabber named as “Tensons”, this is not just a simple YouTube downloader but a download accelerator as well. This means that it helps you to download the video faster than any other YouTube downloader could do. Now, here are some steps on how to “easily” download a video using the YouTube Grabber:

Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Grabber

Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Grabber

  1. Download the YouTube Grabber application from here: Do not worry because it is a clean program. It is also free that’s why you should now worry on hidden charges. It has a size of around 1000 KB making it an extremely small application. Since it is a small program, it will just take you several minutes to download it completely (depending on your internet connection speed). It also supports all the available operating systems for PC.
  2. After downloading the program, it will just be an installer. Just install it like installing a typical application.
  3. Run the application. Now, you will see a space wherein you supposedly have to input “something”. That “something” should be the URL of the YouTube video you wanted to download.
  4. Visit the YouTube site and look for the video you wanted to download. Click on the video and play it. Now, copy the URL (full URL) and paste it on the space you saw on the YouTube Grabber window. Now, click “Start” and it will automatically download the video.
  5. After downloading, you will now need to check if it will play on your PC. By default, the downloaded video will be saved on the “My Documents” folder. Look for the video there and try to play it. If in case it failed to play, there should be a problem with the codecs. There are lots of codec packs which can be downloaded for free such as KLite Codec Pack.

Since YouTube Grabber comes with an Accelerator, it gains almost all the internet connection consumption of your computer. To help your PC download the video faster, close other ongoing downloads and even browsers.

Take note that YouTube Grabber is a free application which will allow it to post some advertisements as their way of earning. Also, make it sure to update the application whenever updates are already offered by the developer. That can help the program work better for the succeeding download sessions.

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