How To Download Google Doc In Older Office Format

In the ‘How To’ today we bring one of the most interesting and utility posts. It will help you how to download Google Doc in older Office format. Below are the details with few links for better support and understanding. If any doubt or problem downloading it, do let us know in the below given comment box.

Despite of being dropped support for older office formats, Google Docs can be downloaded through three options, so as to continue your old file formats you need. In many cases, it have been noticed that in the workplace or home, people use the same older format of Microsoft Office from 1997-2003. Well, those who are frequent users of Google Docs. know that Google has discontinued support for these older formats.

Of course, the easiest way is to upgrade the software, but you suffer from procrastination or thinking of saving money, there are a few options by which you can download Google Doc. in older Office formats.

The First Option

The easiest way is to use an online converter. First save your document in any format and convert it through an online converter. There are many online converter websites that will convert your document for free. For example, and A word of caution: if you are dealing with confidential documents in your workplace, this option is certainly not the best you should opt for.

The Second Option

Another fine option to open your Google Doc. files is to install the Office Compatibility Pack on that machine(s) where you want to download. This software helps to open and editing of files in new formats through the older versions of the software.

The Third Option

It is a tricky way, but of course quite effective. Open Google Docs off the Web in older format and then self-email from the Google Docs account as an email attachment and select the format you need. First click the file option and choosing email as attachment. You will find options of different formats from a drop-down menu.

The best way is of course to replace the old version of Office, but in the meantime, the compatibility pack and email trick are both useful.

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