How to Download Facebook Tagged Photos, Photo Albums And Friends Photos For Free

For sure, as you read this, you have your own Facebook account. And on that Facebook account, there are loads of pictures which you wanted to download to your computer as a keepsake. It can be from your own Facebook profile or from other’s account. However, if you want to download a massive amount of pictures just like all the pictures contained in an album, using the typical method of downloading the photos one by one is indeed time consuming especially when you have a slow internet connection.

With the help of fbDownloader, this task is a piece of cake. This application is designed to help a user download huge number of images in a batch. While fbDownloader is still in the mainstream, it will be objective that you should check this program out right away. Previously, there are already lots of similar programs crated but deleted by Facebook because of several issues.

Download Facebook Photos

Take note that fbDownloader is a clean and free download. It has a very small size of 1.50 MB and is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 7. Although there is already lots of other third party free software downloading sites which offer free downloads for fbDownloader, it is always advisable for you to stick with the official website download location of fbDowloader.

Download fbDownloader

Actually, fbDownloader is really created for hassle-free photo downloads. This tutorial is almost not needed because of the friendly interface of the said program.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to download batch of photos using fbDownloader:

  1. First, you should download the fbDownloader installer. Have it from here: There are several issues on the manner on how the installer works in downloading the program. To make it safer from you, should you decline the other add-ons which the installer tries to offer you. Also, you should have the latest .Net Framework  installed on your computer or else, it will never run. Have it from the Microsoft site. It is free, don’t you worry.

  2. Once the program has been successfully installed, you can now open the program. From there, it will have a window instructing you to input your Facebook account email and password. This just certifies Facebook that you allow fbDownloader access some of your account details in a LIMITED basis since it will download the photos from your account.
  3. After allowing fbDownloader accessing some of your account information, you can now download the photos. You will be redirected to a window wherein there are several options which you can choose on. Sine fbDownloader is created to help you download photos in by batch basis, you can choose among “Your Tagged Photos”, “All Your Photo Albums”, Your Friends’ Photos”. You can also change the default download location.
  4. The process of downloading is quite fast than using the typical way of saving it. Well, it all depends on the internet connection speed that you have along with the number of photos you are trying to download.
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