How to Delete a Blogger Blog?

Blogger has become the most dominating blogging platform over the last few years. This growth has been more explosive since about the time it was took over by the Mountain View search engine giant, Google. Today, Blogger is synonymous with blogging even among those who do not know much about blogs or even what they stand for. A majority of people who are new to blogs tend to first explore the world of blogging through Blogger. As such, questions like ‘How to start a blog?’ or ‘How to setup a new blog?’ are far common than the one being addressed here in this article.


Yes, quite a few people would like to know the procedure that is involved in deleting any blogs off Blogger.

Deleting a Blogger Blog


  • Start off by logging into your Blogger account, if you haven’t already done that.
  • Arrive at the Dashboard, where you can choose the blog that you want deleted. However, take care that you arrive at the correct place, especially if your account hosts multiple blogs.
  • Follow this path, Settings -> Basic.
  • In case you feel that there is a possibility of you coming back to the blog some day in future, simply locate the export blog tool and use it to export the blog that you have lined up for deletion. This can be done by clicking on the option ‘Export Blog’, found within the ‘Blog Tools’ tab. If, however, you are sure you won’t need this blog in future simply ignore this step altogether.
  • Again head into the ‘Blog Tools’ tab and click the link titled ‘Delete Blog’. Doing so will transport you to the place where blogs can be deleted.
  • When here, make sure to double check if the correct blog is lined up for deletion. You can do this by ticking the box next to the blog that you want deleted.
  • Now you will encounter a warning by Blogger that informs you about a 90 day grace period at the end of which, the said blog will be deleted forever.
  • To continue deleting the selected blog, click the button titled ‘Delete This Blog’.
  • After this step, you will be taken back to the main Dashboard. You will no longer be able to see the deleted blog in the list displayed there. However, the deleted one can be viewed by clicking on the link ‘Show All’. This link can be found towards the bottom of the list titled ‘Manage Blogs’.
  • Now you can view the deleted blog as well, with additional details like the date of deletion. If you wish to reinstate the blog anytime within the 90 day grace period, simply follow the given link.

That’s it! Following these steps will help you to delete any unwanted blog from your Blogger account.

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