How To Create Ubuntu 9.10 USB Bootable Flash Drive

All windows user should have Ubuntu live cd with them because it is a very useful tool that can help you to repair your PC when something goes wrong in windows.

You can also create a bootable USB flash drive that will do the same job and it’s not necessary that you have Ubuntu installed in your system. This guide will help you to create a Ubuntu 9.10 bootable flash drive which you can use to restore your windows.

Before Getting Started

  1. Download UNetbootin which will also help you to download Ubuntu also.
  2. You need a flash drive of at least 1GB and format it in FAT32 format because Ubuntu will take up almost 700MB of space

Create Ubuntu Bootable USB

How To Put Ubuntu Into The Flash Drive

  1. After you have downloaded UNetbootin run the program because it doesn’t need installation
  2. After you open the program form the distribution drop down box select Ubuntu and 9.10 live from the version drop down box. If you are using the x64 machine then select 9.10 live x64
  3. Look at the bottom of the screen and select the drive letter that is associated with the USB flash drive from the drop down box.
  4. After you have selected the drive letter click ok and the program will start downloading the Ubuntu Live CD
  5. After downloading is complete Ubuntu Live CD will be copied to your flash drive.
  6. After copying is down do not click restart because you are not installing Ubuntu so click exit
  7. Open your USB flash drive and you will see many files and folder present in it.

How To Boot To Ubuntu

  1. To boot into Ubuntu then you need to change the boot settings from the BIOS of your computer
  2. When your computer boots up press delete key or F8 key or the key you use to enter the bios
  3. If you have an option to directly select the boot device then no need to enter the BIOS
  4. After you enter the BIOS go to the boot options tab and change your boot option to boot into USB flash or USB CD

Booting Into Ubuntu

  1. After setting the boot options and you boot into the USB drive you will see the UNetbootin Screen
  2. Press Enter to start Ubuntu with the default options
  3. Ubuntu will start loading and you will see the loading screen
  4. After the loading is done you will be directed to the Ubuntu Desktop without the need for any username and password
  5. You can try using Ubuntu and see how you feel and also install software that you need but once you restart the PC it will revert back to its original state.

There you have the guide which will help you to create a Bootable USB Flash drive containing Ubuntu and you can use it to restore your windows or even reset or change password.

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