How To Create Resource Page On Your Blog

Do you want a reason because of which you want readers to keep coming to your blog? Then you should create a resource page that will provide a well-organized source of information on similar topics that you have posted on your blog.

This will enable the visitor to quickly the access the information that he/she has been looking for. Having a resource page on your blog is beneficial to you due to the following reasons:

  • It will increase the time a visitor spends on your blog
  • It increases the income from your blog
  • It will make the readers visit your blog again and again
  • Resource page can act as excellent link bait.

Resource page On Blog

Having a clear and organized resource page on the blog is very beneficial to the visitors as well because it provides them with all the contents of the blog in one specific place like a table of content and the visitors don’t get annoyed by scrolling through page after page looking for a specific topic.

So this increases the number of visitor as they are comfortable with browsing through your blog and if you are able to create a very organized resource page professional bloggers will take notice thus further generating traffic for your blog.

This article will present you with a guide that will enable you to create a resource page for your blog.

Creating A Resource Page:

  1. Choose the category from your blog that has maximum number of useful posts.
  2. Go through the category and note down the posts that you think are the best
  3. Use a rich keyword title to create a static page on your blog that is related to the posts that you have selected
  4. Use a very attractive introduction on your resource page that will make the readers to click on the links just to see what they are about.
  5. Arrange your chosen posts and group them under sections or subheadings
  6. Add a title for the respective posts under its sub headings and then link it back to the original post
  7. Save the page and create a link to it from the main menu of the blog or create a separate heading for the page which is accessible from the main menu.
  8. Always update the resource page on your blog every time you have a new post.

Well a blogger like you would ask that if resource page is really that useful so why not have more than one? The answer would be to create a resource you would need minimum of 10-20 articles in each category and from those you need to select the best and relevant ones.

It would be pointless if you just have 5 or 6 articles in a category for it to have its own resource page.

Resource page is a valuable for the blogger to earn and to the visitor as well as it will help them to access the relevant article quickly and easily rather than having to rely on search box and post archives.

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