How To Create Custom Windows 7 Jumplists For Applications

Want to run your favorite app very quickly and easily then you can customize the windows 7 jumplists to access your app quickly.

Windows 7 redesigned taskbar makes it easier for you to access and launch your favorite app quickly without having to search through the start menu. Whenever you right click on any application on the taskbar you will notice a list that shows the recent open documents or previous history.

Windows 7 Jumplist

But there are certain applications that do not have this feature so they don’t display the recent opened applications of documents so in such cases you don’t have any other options other than searching for the application from the start menu and running it.

This article will provide you with a guide on how to add features to your favorite programs such as the jumplists so that you can easily access it from your taskbar.


  1. To add jumplists to your favorite program you need to download and install Jumplist Extender. With this free program you can create custom jumplists and customize it to your liking.
  2. After you have installed it run and select start a new jumplist.
  3. After clicking that link you need to select an application from the windows explorer that will open to tweak the jumplist.
  4. Then select the program. If the program isn’t already running then click on the RUN BUTTON to start it.
  5. Once the program starts running the jumplist extender will automatically recognize the program.
  6. Jumplist extender window will open so that you can tweak the jumplist. Be sure that program settings are correct then select the Jumplist Tab.
  7. In this tab you can add new entries to the jumplist. On the right side you can enter the name of the action to be performed, select and icon and then enter the action you want the link to perform.
  8. Under task properties you can also assign a keyboard shortcut to the window or run a command prompt.
  9. Keyboard shortcuts are very easy to add to the jumplist.
  10. Once you’re done adding a task, you can add an extra task by clicking on the plus button.
  11. Once tweaking is done click on file and select save and apply to taskbar.
  12. The moment your done the new taskbar icon will be visible and may flicker for a few seconds until refreshing is complete and then you can use your new jumplist with the task that you have added.
  13. If you use it with apps that already have a jumplist it will overwrite the existing jumplist with the new one you created which is great if you want the jumplist to do what you want.
  14. If you have downloaded a jumplist pack then simply double click it and you will be asked whether you want to add it to jumplist extender.
  15. After it has been imported you can tweak the new presets to your liking and once you have applied the new settings you will have a fully featured jumplist.

Jumplist Extender is a handy tool that will make using windows 7 very easy and efficient.

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