How To Create Bootable DOS USB Drive

All the previous windows that came out before windows 7 relied on DOS for completing many tasks. Still DOS is used to do many tasks that are required for either formatting your hard disk or updating your BIOS as your BIOS cannot be updated though the windows.

Sadly these days DOS isn’t being widely used anymore and the new windows that are coming now don’t rely on DOS for most of their functions. But if you are using a PC with windows XP installed in it and you need to use DOS to either make repair or update your BIOS then this guide will help you to create a Bootable DOS USB drive.

usb drive with DOS

You can use the USB to boot your PC and then load the DOS and complete your objectives.


How To Create A Bootable DOS USB Drive

  1. Download Rufus a light application that includes FreeDOS in it.
  2. Launch rufus and then connect your USB drive to your PC
  3. In rufus make sure that create a bootable disk using box is marked and also make sure that freeDOS is selected.
  4. Before you click start to create the DOS drive make sure to backup all the content of your drive because this process will first format your USB drive and then create the bootable USB drive.
  5. Now your USB drive should be ready for booting into DOS.
  6. If you want to update your BIOS then copy the files you need into the root directory of your USB drive.
  7. Then boot your PC from the USB drive and run the utilities that you wanted and follow the manufacturer instruction before you update your BIOS.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to create a bootable DOS drive that will allow you to either repair your windows or update your BIOS.

Let us know if you any other method with which you can boot your computer into DOS.

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