How to Create a Time-Lapse Movie with Google Street View

Having a short movie using the Google Maps on its Street View images is possible. Actually, Google has successfully compiled thousands of Street View images which are all free for viewing. Since we are now at the time wherein high technology is at its peak, using the capabilities of Street View images can make finding a location easier and even putting it into a short YouTube video.

Maybe maps are not enough nowadays as some landmarks may not be seen. Because of this, putting up a video which can carefully lead a person to the destination is a helpful deed. You just have to download the essential Street View images from the starting point up to the destination.

Time-Lapse Movie Google Street View

This tutorial can be short but will require you a lot of your time.

First, download all the Street View images. It is time consuming if you will manage to download hundreds of Street View images. Omit the similar pictures and focus on the images which may have the important landmarks. Using or having a profile in SnagIt is the most convenient way of capturing images. This allows you to auto9matically save its captured images. Make sure that you will stick with the 1280 x 720 resolution to allow it being posted as 720p quality.

Then, you may need to have AutoHotkey installed on your computer to proceed on this step. Now, open Notepad and copy the code shown at the image below. Make sure you will copy the exact code. Once done, save the file and change the extension into “.ahk”.

Now, go to the Google Maps Street View and run the .ahk file which you just created. Choose the places you wanted to capture its street view and once captured enough number of photos; end it up by right clicking the AutoHotkey icon.

And, open the program you use to make a movie. For most people, they settle with Windows Live Movie Maker which is a default Microsoft program. Keep in min that this process is also allowed with the other movie makers. Import the captured Street View Images and wait until finished. It may take a while depending on the speed of your computer and number of images being imported. You are actually dealing with large sizes of images.

Then, on the Windows Live Movie Maker, go to the “Video Tools” tab. Under it, click on the “Edit” tab. After clicking it, look for the “Duration” option and set it to 0.2 seconds. That is the perfect duration for each image.

Once done, you will now save the file. Look for the “File” option and lick “Save Movie”. Save it to your computer. If you are planning to upload it on YouTube, make sure to set it to 720p.

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