How to Connect your Laptop to a Television Screen

If you are watching a YouTube video or a particular presentation on your laptop but you wanted to watch it on a large screen, then you should connect your laptop to a television. Actually, this is an easy process but teaching this to those who do not know anything about this is important. The process of connecting a laptop to a television depends on the type of television and laptop you are using.

Connect Laptop To TV

Connect your Laptop to a Television Screen

  1. Most laptops have S-port on the side or at the back. Now, there are also some new breeds of televisions which have S-ports as well. Do not worry that much since S-port cable is very cheap. If you have an old monitor, get its 15 pin VGA cable and connect it to your computer. Actually, using a VGA cable can produce a higher definition of picture than using S-port cable. You can also use DVMI Male Cable for new HDTVs. Since these are new cables, you can rarely find this item. Well, a high quality cable indeed for high definition of videos and pictures.
  2. After connecting the video cables, you are now set to connect the audio cables. You can use the mini RCA audio cable which perfectly fits the audio port from your laptop to the audio port of the television. To be specific, it is a 3.5mm Mini Plug to RCA Cable Stereo which have dedicated plugs to the laptop and TV audio port. It is a colored cable which means you need to connect the red plug to the red socket and so on.
  3. Now, you will need to set the laptop and television in syncing the videos. You will first need to go to the laptop and manipulate the display settings. Activate its connection to the television. You have the option of having a mirror view on your TV or just have the same appearance with that of the laptop to the television. If in case you are on the Windows 7 operating system, you just have to quickly click on the “windows button + p” and the display settings will appear. Click on the “Connect to Eternal Display”.
  4. Now, you will transfer your focus to the connected television. Get the remote control and look for the “External Inputs” menu. The default setting would be “Video 1” and with this, you will change it to “HDMI 1” or “Video 2” until it recognizes the screen on your laptop.

The most crucial part of connecting the laptop to the television is that if it is your first time, you will spend a couple of minutes before finding the right sport of the cables and right settings. As told earlier, there are different processes of connecting a laptop to the television and it all depends on the type of television or laptop. If you are going to use it for a huge presentation, ideally, you should prepare in setting it up on the first hand before getting into the presentation properly.

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