How To Connect Apple OS X To A Windows Machine

File sharing is easy from Apple’s OS X to Windows PC. Learn how to do it here.

Apple has several methods to establish a connection between OS X to Windows systems. The most prevalent file sharing protocol in OS X is AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), there are other methods that have been used to support file sharing to a Windows machine such as SMB (Server message block) protocol. Earlier Apple did this file sharing through an open source Samba suite because OSX is a UNIX based system. However, later on due to legal complications, the company replaced it with its own SMB implementation.

The methods by which one can connect to Windows machines should be the same throughout the different versions of OS X. These are:

1. Use Bonjour services – Bonjour is an auto-discovery service that identifies Windows based PC, if you have Windows file sharing enabled. First open the file sharing preferences and select the “File Sharing” option. Check the service if it is not, and then click the “option” button. Drop down menu appears where you find the option to share files and folders using SMB.

2. Direct SMB connection – Bonjour service is not full proof, it sometimes unable to detect Windows systems, however, if the Windows system is on the network, you can manually connect the file sharing protocol. First go to Finder’s Go menu and bring into focus and select “Connect to Server” from the Go menu. Then type “smb//” in the address bar, type the IP address of the PC to which you want to connect. For example, my home network IP address is, and then I would enter”smb://″ as the address and then validate it.

3. Use the mount_smbf service – Another option to connect Windows to OS X is use use the SMB file system plug-in to mount an SMB share as a local drive. You need to create a folder and named it ‘Mount’ in your PC, which can be used as a mount point. Then open the Terminal utility and then enter the command:

mount_smbfs //username@server/share ~/Desktop/mount

Now, replace “username” with the log in name that would be used to connect to the server. Change “server” with the IP address of the server being connected to, and give the name of the folder being mounted in place of the word “share”. After finishing it, execute the command and observe the “mount” folder on your desktop will change into the shared folder of your Windows machine.

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That’s all. Do share your experience if you are trying it out. Your fellow readers may get the real picture of it and how it works as well as what are the complications doing it, if any. Use the below given comment box.

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