How To Connect And Share Via Bluetooth

These days an average consumers has more than one device which are capable of connecting and transferring files between each other. Mostly its either smart phones or tablets both of these devices can connect with each other via Bluetooth and share files between them.

Bluetooth is a technology that uses radio technology over short distance to locate other Bluetooth enabled devices to connect with them for the purpose of sharing files between the devices. Before you can take advantage of Bluetooth in your device you need to pair up the devices so that they recognize each other and transfer of files goes smoothly and easily.


We have prepared a short guide on how to pair up your Bluetooth devices with each other.

How To Pair Bluetooth Devices

  1. Go to Settings and switch on the Bluetooth of the devices that you want to pair.
  2. Both the devices need to be visible in order for them to pair with each other. Tap the device name that you to want to pair and state the time for which it will remain visible after which it will become invisible. The default time limit is 2min but you can increase the time limit to 5min or to never time out.
  3. After you have made both the devices visible now it’s time to pair them. Tap on the search button at the top left and any devices within the range of your Bluetooth will show up under the available devices. So tap on the device that you want pair up with.
  4. During pairing process a window will pop up with pairing request that will also contain a passkey. The same window will also pop up in the other device after confirming that both the keys are same on both the devices tap on pair and wait. The paired device will than show up.
  5. After the devices have been paired now you can start sharing files between the devices. To share files select the file then tap on menu and tap on share. This will open up a dialog box through which you can share the file on a number of service but for this purpose tap on Bluetooth and it will show list of paired devices. So select the device you want to send and the file will be sent.
  6. The devices that you have paired will be remembered for your device until you unpair them. To unpair a device go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap on paired device settings and select unpair.


There you go and easy guide that will allow you to easily add a number of devices and share files between the multiple devices via the Bluetooth.

Let us know if you face any difficulty in the pairing process and how the entire process goes.

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