How to Completely Back up Your Chrome Settings, Installed Add-ons, Bookmarks and Saved passwords

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser nowadays. It is known for its fast effect in searching for topics and on websites. It also has the most number of useful extensions which are all worth installing. However, there will surely come a time wherein you will need to clean up your computer and with this, you will surely have to give up all the extensions and settings you have saved on Chrome. Well, that can always be prevented by doing some tweaks.

Backup Google Chrome

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Easiest Solution

The easiest solution would be going to the default folder of Chrome and copy all of it. Now, save it on a flash disk. Once you have reformatted the computer, you may now re-install Chrome using the officially released Chrome installer. After installation, you may now get your flash disk again and paste all your copied default folder of Chrome. Then that’s it.

Using Favbackup

This is a perfect solution if you are looking for alternative ways in backing up all your Chrome settings and extensions. This application can allow you to choose among the options on what are the things about Chrome which should be backed up like the history, extensions, settings, cookies, thumbnails, bookmarks, sessions, preferences, etc. You can also allow the application to back up everything in Chrome which is a good deal. You can always download this program from

Using Google Chrome Back Up

This is a free utility provided by Parhelia Tools. You can always download this program by visiting this link: This is a very simple application wherein it allows you to back up the whole thing. Once got the backed up file was obtained, you will get a file with the .gcb extension. You can also back up Chromium using this small and simple utility.

Using the Google Bookmarks Account

This is a process wherein you can store the bookmarks you have saved on your Chrome browser. All you need to do is to synchronize your obtained bookmarks to your Google Bookmarks account.

Lastpass Extension from Chrome

This is one of the useful extensions offered by Chrome for free. This can help you to store the passwords you have stored using your old Chrome browser. Well, this application is just for the passwords. The good thing about this is that this can also be compatible with other web browsers. (Link)

Using Chrome Password Decryptor

This is another tool which is used to recover the passwords from Chrome. However, keep in mind that this will never be restored in Chrome which means that you will only obtain a copy of it.

As of now, Google Chrome has offered synchronization of your Google account to your browser. This means that all of your saved settings on Chrome using the Google account can be seen and accessed on other computers using Google Chrome as well. This can be considered as the newest way of saving all your settings which is by creation of a Google account and it is completely free.

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