How To Clean The Ubuntu Grub2 Boot Menu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux OS to be available till date. With Ubuntu you can perform lot of functions and allows you to control your PC very efficiently.

In the latest 9.10 Ubuntu have used a new version of their Grub Boot Manager and got rid of the annoying old menu.lst. Grub2 is an improvement in boot manager and they have overcome the issues that plagued the old menu.lst. But if you don’t remove old version of the kernel then the boot list can end up being messy.

Ubuntu Grub2 Boot Menu

So we have prepared a guide for you with which you will be able to clean up the new grub2 boot menu.

How To Remove Old Kernel Entries

  1. You need to open synaptic package manager form administration menu found in system.
  2. After the synaptic package manager opens up type the kernel version that you want to remove in the quick search
  3. You will be displayed a list of the kernels and right click and choose mark for complete removal on the kernels you want to remove.
  4. Click apply in the toolbar and then again click apply in the summary window that pops up and close the synaptic package manager
  5. Now next time you boot you won’t see the kernels in the Grub Menu.

How To Remove Any Option By Editing / etc/grub.d

  1. If you want more advanced control in removing the entries such as those which are not associated with kernel version then you need to change the files located in  /etc/grub.d.
  2. You can remove all the boot entries by editing the file  example if you want to remove all memtest86+ entries then you have to make the 20_memtest86+ file non executable with the following terminal command sudo chmod –x 20_memtest86+
  3. Then enter the command sudo update-grub in terminal window
  4. If the file is not present then you should remove the serial console 115200 entry for memtest 86+ by entering the following command sudo gedit /etc/grub.d/20_memtest86+ in terminal window
  5. You will be shown the file then delete it.
  6. Now next time you boot you will see a cleaner Grub2 boot menu

We hope that guide was helpful to you in removing the entries from the Grub2 menu. The unnecessary entries or old kernel make the boot menu very messy and confusing place.

The new Grub2 menu may seem complicated to you at the beginning but its one of the easiest menu to be made by Linux. If you ever have to remove any entries that are unnecessary or have taken up place in the boot menu then you can repeat the entire process and make sure the entries are deleted.

If you want more information regarding the Grub2 entries and how to modify them further then you should pay a visit to Ubuntu Forum where they have loads of information on Ubuntu with tutorials which will enable you to do what you have to.

Do let us know if the guide was helpful.

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