How to Change Images of Tabs in Facebook Fan Page?

Just like the accounts of individual users in Facebook received the Timeline update, the same has now also been extended to Brand or Fan Pages on the popular social network. Users can now also add a custom image to the tabs in a particular Facebook Fan Page. This can prove to be a good way to showcase certain promotions or different types of content that are not able to fit in any other section of the Facebook Fan Page. Below is a detailed explanation on how to achieve the same.


The first step involved here is to create some nice custom images. Next, three best apps from your page need to appear as thumbnails on the page’s first row. Now you need to rename those featured apps and finish off by uploading the custom images.

Creating a Custom Image


Although custom images cannot be set for videos, photos, likes, notes or even events, the same can be done for Custom Apps. If you choose to not do so, Facebook will provide its own icons that usually tend to border on the ugly side.

However, when going about creating a custom image, make sure that the resolution of that image is no more than 111 x 74 pixels. Any more or any less and Facebook will resize it. So your custom image can end up appearing either bitmapped or blurred.

How to Change the Image?


Towards the extreme right of Apps, there is an arrow shaped option. Click on this option. Now, you can make the pointer hovering on the image till you see a pencil shaped edit icon at the right upper corner. You will be shown a dropdown list from where you need to choose the option ‘Edit Settings’. Subsequently, the edit settings option box will appear.

Using this box, you can eliminate an app and add your very own custom made tab image. You can also set your one custom name for the tab. Now locate the ‘Change’ option in the upper side of the text box and click on it.

Some Last Touches

In a new window that will appear, you need to click on the ‘Change’ option again and when a pop-up appears, simply upload the custom image you’ve created (of 111 x 74 pixel resolution). The custom image will start uploading as soon as you’ve located it on your computer’s hard drive and selected the ‘Open’ option. It is safe now to close down this window and go back to the main page. Now click on ‘Okay’ in the box named ‘Edit Settings’.

That is it! You have successfully added custom images to the tabs on your Facebook Fan Page. These fancy looking images will surely draw in more clicks and visitors than the stock ones provided by Facebook.

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