How To Change File Extension In Windows 7

Have you ever downloaded any file from torrent with some wired extension on it? May be you were looking for a video file and after you download the torrent your file is not working with any kind of video player.

This can happen for any kinds of files. The easiest solution to this problem is just changing the file extension and the file will open normally with any software.

Back in windows XP there was no problem with changing file extension and you was possible to change the file extension by the time it would take to rename the file.

Change File Extension In Windows 7

But now on Windows 7 its not same as windows XP. You can’t rename the file into another extension directly. the simple reason is that by default windows 7 does not shows the file extension and hence you cant change the file extension by renaming.

So, if you want to change file extension on windows 7 you have make it visible first and then you can rename it like the windows xp.

How To Change File Extension In Windows 7

Step 01:  Open any drive or  libraries, and then click on the organize option on left top.

step 02: chose folder and search option from the drop down menu.

Step 03 : Go to the view tab.

Step 04: unchecked the ” Hide extensions for known file types”.  Click allow and then press OK.

File extensions will be visible like the image bellow.

Step 05: Now you have to rename the file. You can do it by right click on the mouse and then click on the rename option.

Change the file name extension part after .png  ( in this case i have changed .png to .jpeg )

With the same steps you can change any file extension you want for any file.

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