How to ByPass Facebook Social Reader Applications

As of now, there are some stories posted on Facebook which will require you to install Social Reader before reading them. Actually, this is quite embarrassing especially when you are not comfortable installing a lot of Facebook apps on your profile. Most of the websites which require you to install Social Reader are Yahoo, Bing, and other known Web News. Actually, installing Social Reader is not harmful and is completely harmless to your computer. However, it can be harmful to your privacy.

Social Reader is a threat to privacy as those websites may post your comments or activities to your timeline. This is the reason why most people opt not clicking on those kind of posts thus, just heading directly to the website of the story. You will not want allowing your Facebook friend seeing all your activities. And also, that will not be only on Facebook, but also to the websites offering the Social Reader app.

ByPass Facebok Social Reader Applications

Now, you may have come to the point that you need to bypass that Social Reader app and continue reading the interesting posts without traced by it automatically. Well, this tutorial can teach you how. All of the Facebook users should read this since this is highly informative.

Bypassing the Social Reader on Facebook

If you wanted to enjoy the stories without posting that activity to your Facebook timeline, then you should understand several of these options:

  1. After clicking on a featured Facebook story which requires you to install a Social Reader application, it will prompt you to a window which gives you options if you will install it or not. Well, all you need to do is to look for the “Cancel” button and after that, you can head directly to the article.
  2. Since some of the websites which offer Social Reader app do not offer the “Cancel” button, then you can just do a trick to keep your posts private. You just need to edit your privacy settings from “Friends” to “Only Me”. From there, even if the Social Reader app posts your activities with that Facebook story, your friends will not be able to see those. This can be a very simple trick but admit it, it is really useful.
  3. Now, this can be considered as the most useful option. You just have to copy the title of the article as shown on your Facebook timeline. Then, paste it on the search bar using a search engine. For sure, you will be redirected to the actual website which posted that article.

Blocking Social Reader Application on Facebook

If you think Social Reader app is always bugging you, then you always have the option of blocking it from accessing your information.

  1. Head over to your Facebook account settings then open the Application options ( will give you the list of applications which are installed on your Facebook account.
  2. Now, look for the “Social Reader” application on the list. Once found it, hit the “x” button beside it which will remove the application from the list.
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