How To browse Instagram On iPad

Did you know a third party app can allow you to use your iPad as an Instagram viewer? Nope! Here is Pictacular, a free iPad app, a little buggy but presents a number of exciting features to let you browse your Instagram feed I must say.

Instagram for instance, does not allow you to post photos with a third part app, but there are apps that let you browse your Instagram feed display on iPad. Moreover, these Instagram iPad apps offers many compelling features such as commenting on photos, to share in social networks and browsing Instagram via a map.

Pictacular is such a free iPad app that allows you to browse your Instagram photos. So, how to use this app? Let’s check it out.

First of all launch the app and then sign into your Instagram account. Authorize the app to access Instagram and you will be directed to Instagram feed. The limitation of this app is it works only in landscape mode, but it has some good features like who took the photo and comments. Authors’ comment shows as a thumbnail as a caption, and with additional comments, it displays the three recent ones.

Some other features of Pictacular:

  • You can tap on photo to expand it.
  • You can find author info, a like button and three sharing buttons where you can share the photo with Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter
  • There is also a comment box where the recent three comments are shown
  • Swipe sideways to go to the next photo in the feed
  • There are five different feeds such as regular feed, popular feed, your photos, nearby photos and liked photos
  • Username and those in the comments are linked, so it is easy to go to a feed of particular user.
  • There is an option of search by username or tag

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