How To Boot Your Android Device Into Safe Mode

We install a lot of apps and programs on our android device and get to experience many more entertainment needs and turn our android device into an entertainment device. But sometimes some of this third party apps can conflict with your other apps and you are unable to remove them because they are always running in background.


In windows you can remove such apps by booting into safe mode where the windows only boots up and no third party is allowed to load. So you are able to remove those problematic apps quite easily. Now with the availability of Android 4.1 you can easily boot into safe mode and deal with the problematic apps this solving your freezes, crashes and battery issues.

How To Boot Into Safe Mode In Android 4.1

  1. To boot in to safe mode is available from android 4.1 or later. Simply hold down the power button until the menu pops up where you can either turn on airplane mode or silent mode.
  2. In the menu long press the power off option and you will be prompted that whether you want to boot in to safe mode or not. Tap on ok.
  3. You will be notified that in safe mode no third party apps will load and will be restored when you exit safe mode. So click on ok
  4. In devices with older versions of android hold down the power button until the device powers off. Then long press the power button to turn on the device. When you see the logo start to appear release the power button and then hold down both the volume up and down button together until android boots into safe mode.
  5. Once in safe mode you will notice the words safe mode at the bottom. In this mode only the apps that came preinstalled with your device will be available.
  6. Use your device normally in safe mode and if you don’t get any crashes or freezes then the issue is with a third party app.
  7. You can access the settings and application manager to remove the apps.
  8. You can then try installing apps one by one to see which one is causing the problem.
  9. If still the problem persists then you need to factory reset which can be done from the setting > backup and reset option.
  10. Before you perform factory reset make sure to backup all your data as they will also be erased.
  11. You can exit safe mode by long pressing your power button and switching off your device and powering on normally. This will boot into normal mode android.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to boot into safe mode to carry out app maintenance.

If there are any other ways to fix freezes and conflict in your android device do let us know.

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