How To Block Websites For All Users Of Windows PC

Sometimes there are certain websites that either you don’t want your children viewing or your colleagues because it might interfere with their work or they may end wasting time.

Block Websites In Windows

There is a simple method with which you can block the websites in a windows PC regardless of the browser they use. How to do it? Don’t worry because we have prepared a guide for you that will enable you to make certain tweaks to your windows to block access to a website. You don’t need to download and install third party software also.

How To Block Websites

  1. Open your windows explorer and navigate to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc if you have not installed on your C: drive then substitute this letter for the drive letter where you have installed the windows
  2. Now double click hosts and select Notepad at windows prompt. If you don’t receive prompt and opens in another file then right click the hosts file and select open with to select the Notepad
  3. Now place the cursor at the end of the last line which says something similar to localhost or ::1 localhost. Press Enter to create a new line
  4. In the line type and then tap the spacebar once and then type the address of the website that you want to block. For example if you want to block Youtube then type
  5. You continue adding websites to the lists for blocking them. Each website name should be prefaced with and a space
  6. Now click on File and save to save the changes that you have made. Ignore any warnings that you may receive which might be due to editing the hosts file
  7. Now close any browser windows that might have been open and restart them and input the websites name that you have blocked to check whether you can access the website or not.
  8. If correctly done the blocked website should not be displayed in any browser

There you have a simple guide with which you can block the websites that you want and also you don’t have to install any third party tools. If you want to access the websites that you have blocked just delete the entries from hosts file that you have edited.

Do let us know if there are any other easy ways with which you can block websites from all users of a windows PC without using any third party tools

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  1. wszystko działa, ale co, jesli chciałabym zablkowac jedynie podstrone a nie całą strone ? chodzi mi o konkretna osobę na fb, adres wygląda tak: http://www.facebook.comta.osoba 
    proszę o pomoc

    • Sathishkumar says:

      Hi there,

      I have no idea how to do what you are asking. Will find out a tutorial soon for it and will post it here!

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