How To Block Unwanted Calls In Your Android Device

Many times a day you might receive prank calls from certain numbers or even receive calls from certain telemarketers during important time of the day or when you are sleeping and at times it gets quite annoying. You can opt to block the calls through your subscriber but this often involved calling the customer service and waiting for minutes before you can activate the call blocking feature.

But with android now you don’t have to wait for long because with the help of an app from the play store you can easily block unwanted calls. So we have prepared a guide for you using Root call blocker that will enable you to block unwanted calls on your android.


This app is so versatile that you can create entire whitelist of blacklist other than profiles which allows you to control which person can contact you at which time of the day.

How To Block Calls With Root Call Blocker

  1. To use this app you need to have a rooted phone. Download this app from play store and launch it. After opening it tap on profiles button to create or manage the profiles.
  2. Tap on default profile to get started and you will immediately notice two list one is the black list and another is the white list. Black list blocks the calls and white list allows the calls.
  3. Tap on black list and start unwanted numbers. You can either enter the numbers manually or pick the number from your call log and address book. Alternatively you can choose to block the numbers that are not on your address book.
  4. After the black list is created now you can choose how to block the calls. The best options that you can choose are reject which blocks the call or Don’t answer which doesn’t allow your phone to ring but the phone will be ringing from the callers end.
  5. The call logging option will be enabled by default which allow you to see how the app is working and which black list numbers are being frequently blocked.
  6. You can create different profiles based on the calls that you want to block.
  7. You can also create a profile based on white list which allows you to receive calls only from the numbers that are on the white list. But be careful when using this feature as you might end up missing an important call.
  8. After you have edited the profile go to the main screen of the app and go to settings. There tick the enable call blocking and start service on boot. By default all the calls that are being blocked will appear on your notification bar.


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to block calls from unwanted numbers or even allow you to receive calls from specific numbers while you are on holiday.

Do let us know if there any other way with which you can block unwanted calls in your android device.

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