How To Back Up Your Apps In An Android Phone

Linking your android phone with your Google account is a great way to back up your app because in cases where you have to reset your phone then all the apps that you have ever downloaded can be easily accessible from the play store.

But not all apps are available in the play store especially the apps that you have downloaded from forums or from some third party websites. In such cases it is useful to back up your app to SD card so that you can restore it from the backup after you have restore your phone.

titanium backup

We have prepared this guide that will allow you to backup and restore you app with the help of Titanium backup a very powerful app that allows you to have control over the system apps as well.


How To Back Up Apps Using Titanium Backup

  1. Before you can install titanium backup you need to make sure that your phone is rooted and you are able to give root access to titanium backup.
  2. Download the latest version of titanium backup from play store. We recommend the pro version of the app as it adds host of new functions over the free version and it will become your most used apps. In this guide we have used the pro version of titanium backup.
  3. After you launch the app make sure to grant it root access.
  4. After the app has launched you will notice the backup/restore tab at the top. It lists all the apps that is installed on your phone including the system apps and the third party apps. It also shows which apps have been backed up and which haven’t been backed up.
  5. If you tap on the individual apps you will notice information about the specific app and also you will be presented with certain options such as launch app, uninstall, wipe data and freeze.
  6. Press the menu button on your phone and select the batch options. This will list all the backup options that you can perform on your android device. There are many options so have a look at them to familiarize yourself with the app.
  7. Choose backup all user apps this option will backup all the apps that you have installed. The process takes quite a while to finish but the app runs in the background so you can shift to other tasks.
  8. You can check the progress of backup process by pulling down the notification bar.
  9. You can restore the apps from the batch menu. You choose to restore individual apps or all the apps that you have backed up.
  10. You can also use titanium backup to move apps to your SD card by using the batch menu if your phone storage is limited. Not all apps can be moved to SD card.
  11. The freeze option that you noticed when you tapped on an app name can be used to freeze an app which prevents it from running. This option is useful when you cant remove certain pre-installed app.


There you have an easy guide that allows you to use titanium backup to backup and restore your apps and also allows you to control the pre-installed apps.

Do let us know if there is any other way with which you can backup and restore your apps from SD card.

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