How To Auto Submit Your Blogger Blog Post To Google Plus

As a blogger you always wanted to make sure that your blog will always be in the mainstream and people will see it as “commendable”. However, no matter how you made it sure that you have the best content for your blog, there will be some instances wherein you will need to use some of other resources to support the quality of your content. As of now, Google Plus is starting to become one of the most bankable social networking sites in which you can integrate your blogging account. There are several ways for you to try it out:

Auto Submit Your Blogger Blog Post To Google Plus

Auto Submit Your Blogger Blog Post To Google Plus

First, it will be important for you if you will create a Google Plus account and create a Google Plus page for your blog site. This is a free feature. You just have to make it sure that your tags are targeted to the topic of your blog site. Get the best photo which can easily determine your blog site through that Google Plus page.

Since you have just created a Google Plus page, focus on your introduction page. It should tell all the things which will urge the readers visit your blog site on a regular basis. Make it catchy. Share a little history about your blog site which will make it look interesting for the readers. Use a friendly tone as much as possible.

After creating a Google Plus page, it is now your time to add other tools to your blog site.

  1. Add a Google Badge on your Blog Site

    You are surely aware that other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook offer badges on blog sites. These badges are used to allow a reader share the content right away through those social networking site. As the blog owner, you can also use that badge to easily share the content to your Google Plus account.

    You can start by getting the badge directly from the Google Plus account you just created. Hover on the “Get Started” option. From there, on the left side, you can see the option “Connect Your Website”. Click it then choose “Get The Badge”.

    Google knows how to be helpful since it will just urge you to complete the badge link with the direct link to your blog site. Also, it allows you to choose the look, size, and location of your badge on your blog. As a start, it will be advisable for you if you will settle with the medium sized badge located at the upper right portion of your blog page.

    Now, you will be redirected to a page wherein there will be “codes”. That code is going to be pasted on your HTML editor of your blog site. You just have to copy and paste it to the <head> tags of your blog’s HTML editor. After pasting it, have a quick look on your blog. You should be able to see the small Google Plus badge according to your desired look.

  2. The +1 Button for your Blog

    Adding a +1 button on your blog can be an easy way for the readers to share it to their friends. Actually, you can easily get the +1 button from the Google Plus page you just created.

    Again, go to the “Get Started” page on your Google Plus page. Then, as you scroll down, you can see a link which can allow you to add a +1 button to your website. From there, you will notice the “Go to Google+”. Scroll down a bit again and you’ll see the link with “Get the Code”. Click it and customize the +1 button.

    There are several options in which can help you to customize your +1 button further. After the customization, you can now get the code and paste it on your blog’s HTML editor. You can always have a preview on the page along with the +1 button.

    Hope you have liked our post and will be using our guide to auto submit your Blogger Blog Post to Google Plus.

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