How to Auto-Forward Gmail Messages in Bulk

Some businesses may require executing things which are beyond the ability of a system. Just like for the case of forwarding emails. However, if you own a huge business, then forwarding emails manually is not healthy start. You will always want to make the process faster and may look for ways to enable auto forwarding of emails. Well, this can now be possible with Gmail just by using some of the tweaking tips as shown on some professional websites.

Auto Forward Gmail Messages

However, before going to the proper, you should be knowledgeable on some of the limitations involving the ability of Gmail in allowing auto forwarding of emails:

  1. Keep in mind that this feature will never be allowed for old emails. This means that if you have old emails in your inbox, then auto forward will not work. Auto forwarding of emails is just executable on new incoming email messages.
  2. Also, remember that Gmail makes it sure that you will send email message to a verified email address. With it, as you send auto forwarded emails to an email address, the recipient will receive a notification asking the verification of you email. This is to avoid spamming.

Using Google Docs for Auto Forwarding of Emails

Now, looking to the above mentioned limitations, you can actually overcome them by using Google Docs. You can now send bulk emails without the needs of the confirmation of the recipient and even to send old emails from your inbox, outbox, or even from drafts folder. And surprisingly, you can do this easily.

All you have to do is urge Google Docs to detect similar labels in your Gmail inbox or any folder you desire. From there, Google Docs itself can send the emails to the designated multiple email addresses as include on the spreadsheet. To have a broader look on the process, take a look below:

  1. Make sure you will have a copy of this Google Docs spreadsheet (Download link: From there, don’t forget to fill in the columns A and B as shown on the image.
  2. Now, go to “Tools”, choose “Script Editor”, then go to “Triggers”, click on “Current Script’s Trigger”, and then “Add New Trigger”. Keep in mind that you should assign “Time-Driven” on the “Event” option. You are allowed to choose between hours or minutes depending on your desired flow of auto forwarding of emails. It is advisable for you to assign the timer to every minute to have the fastest process of mail forwarding.
  3. If ever it is still your first time to use Google Docs sheet, you will be notified for the authorization of such process. Do not worry as it is safe and you just have to allow the process to have a smooth ride.

After this, you can now lose the Google Docs sheet and your email account will automatically forward the emails. However, the 500 messages per day limit are still applicable as this is scribed by Google Mail. Also, this auto forwarding feature is also allowed on both HTML and plain email messages.

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