How To Add Your Favorite Application Shortcut In Windows Explorer Context Menu

There are times when you want to launch your favorite application with a single click or by using special combination of hot keys. There are many third party utilities that allows you to set the special shortcut keys or even configure some keys thus allowing you to launch the application faster.

We have written a guide for you that will allow you to place shortcut of your favorite application on windows explorer context menu so u can launch the program with a click of a button.

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How To Add A Shortcut To Windows Explorer Context Menu

  1. Open start menu and type regedit and press enter to launch the registory editor
  2. Now expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key
  3. Now scroll down to .gif key under the above key and select it to see its default value which should be giffile
  4. Now scroll down to giffileshell key and right click the shell key and create a new key
  5. Now right click the key that you have just created to create a new subkey and name it command
  6. Now double click the default value in the command key to enter the path of the .exe of your application for example C:Program Filesmozillafirefox.exe %1
  7. Now if you want the shortcut to appear only when you press shift then you need to create a string value with the name extended in actions main key
  8. If you want the shortcut to appear for all file type when you press right click then navigate to *shell key
  9. Now you need to create a key with the same structure. Now whenever you click any type of file you will see your program listed in the context menu.
  10. Now if you want the context menu to come when you right click the desktop so u can launch your apps then use HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDesktopBackgroundshell key


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to launch your favorite app with a click from the windows context menu.

Do let us know if there are any other way with which you can launch your favorite application then do let us know.

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