How To Add OS X Styled Stacks To Your Computer

If you have been a user of MAC OS X or you have operated theMAC OS X at your friends place then you must have taken a liking to stacks and if you want to try it out in your windows OS then don’t worry because this guide will let you add stacks to your Windows system.

OS X Styled Stacks

To add stacks to your windows you need to install a custom program called 7Stacks. Read on to find out how to set it up.

How To Set Up Your New Stacks

  1. Download and install 7stacks on your windows. Installation is a very easy process after which you can immediately start creating stacks.
  2. After you launch the 7stacks you will notice the option to choose between browsing options so click on dotted button to add the appropriate folder to your stacks.
  3. The SF button is to add special folder to your stacks
  4. After browsing the folder that you want to add as stacks you will notice that you can select the stack type. Select vertical stack and also add a caption which will be the title of the stack.
  5. You can deselect the option show explore items to keep the stack clutter free.
  6. Once done click on create shortcut on desktop and your stack will be place on the desktop.
  7. You can right click the stack shortcut and pin it on your taskbar so that when you click it you can access the stacked goodies.
  8. After you click the stack the list will expand and you can click on the shortcut to access the application or program
  9. Now whenever you want to create a stack just right click on any stacks icon and select create new stack

How To Create Stacks For Special Folder

  1. As you have done previously this time instead of clicking on the dotted buttons click on the SF to create a stacks for special folder
  2. After you click on SF you will see a classic start menu from which you can select one of the predefined presets or you can browse to other areas and add them.
  3. This time select stack type as grid and once you are satisfied with your selection click on create shortcut on desktop
  4. After you have created the stack you can view the contents of the folder in the form of grid

So there you have an easy way with which you can create stacks of different programs and also shortcuts easily so that you can access your favorite programs with few clicks.

Do let us know what you think about this guide and also if there are any other ways with which you can create stacks in windows do let us know.


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