How to Access Your Entire Media Collection From Anywhere

If you’re having a large collection that your IPOD isn’t enough to accommodate then it becomes a necessity to access your media remotely. Not only your IPOD even on your tablets or laptops sometimes we just can’t carry our entire media database with us.

There is an application called ZumoCastwhich will allow you to access your media library from anywhere. More amazingly this application is free and very easy to install and set up. With few steps to follow you can access your entire media collection either via WI-FI, 3G or any PC or MAC over the internet.


This article will present you with a guide to install and set up your media so that you can access it.

Procedure to Set Up Zumocast:

  1. You need to install zumocast on your PC. Just follow the wizard and your done.
  2. After installation is done you need to create an account with zumocast.
  3. After signing up you need to select which folders you want to share.
  4. You can also add any external drives or also network locations on the list of things you want to share. The good part about this is you can access terabytes of data through your external hard drives.
  5. Zumocast can be accessed via your taskbar also as it gets minimized there. You can right click it and click on preferences to manage folders.
  6. In the options you can set it up such that whenever you turn on your system the program will launch and you can be assured that you can access your media from anywhere.
  7. If you own IPAD or IPHONE you need to install the Zumocast app.
  8. After you have installed the app you will be prompted to sign in if you haven’t already signed up.
  9. If you have signed up already then log in to the app.
  10. After logging in you will see a list of computer on which you have the desktop app already installed.
  11. You can browse through the folders that you have enabled on the desktop for sharing. You can also access any media files that you have stored on your external removal media.
  12. You can also stream videos and music from your pc to your IPOD or IPAD.
  13. The streaming over WI-FI is very smooth and without lag.
  14. You can also access your office documents and even download them to you device for viewing them at a later time.
  15. You can also access your media collection from any computer or or anyother device. You can browse through your collection and play the files you have selected.

Zumocast makes sure that your entire library is with you at all times of the day. Whenever you need a document or any media file you can access it with the tap of a button. On our portable devices we only have limited storage but zumocast makes sure that this limited storage won’t limit our media viewability. With zumocast you now never to sync anything just stream easily and effortlessly.

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