How To Access Windows From Android Tablet With Nivio

Inter devices integration and synchronization is fascinating focus of development. Now devices are getting more dynamic and along with that developers are dedicating themselves a lot to create synchronization with different devices. Tables are the cutting edge of the technology now days and most importantly it’s kind of mobile to take along.

As most tablets are convenient to take with developer has been trying to make the tablets more dynamic to use the device as remote access system to other devices. Especially when it comes to access the home or office windows there are lots of application has been developed to get the edge. But if you ask me why I create special post on Nivio I will boldly answer you that the name nivio demands special attention for its functionality.


Nivio is not only a synchronization application. Its truly universal and this is the only application which made it possible of  ‘ no barrier” of devices and operating system. Let me break it down into its functionality.

A truly virtual system to pull your operating system:

First and foremost I have to that nivio is a cloud application service and with nivio you can save your entire operating system of PC whither it is windows or Mac. Once you are registered with nivio your whole operating system will be saved on the nivio cloud and all the instances will be on the cloud.

The fascination comes in one point. You can use your window from any device by accessing the cloud services of nivio.  Wherever you want you can browse your whole windows of home computer form your tablets with the nivio app.

A truly dynamic system to work with:

Nivio has truly dynamic and the word dynamic is truly matched with its functionality. Have you ever thought to use your windows computer from you Mac operating system? It’s impossible to even think if you do not think with nivio.

A very important and interesting fact is its dynamicity of instances. If you close the nivio session without even saving your any application instances nivio does not discards the application instances like other operating systems. You can get the instancs as it is from any other devices and whenever you want it.

No application barrier in any devices:

Relatively lower capable devices like tables are not able run very high level application but once you are using nivio from your tablets you can easily use all kinds of software and application with nivio from even your android phones.

Nivio has app store to and they are now offering very wide range of application using and most importantly it is magical to install even high level software’s.  It takes very short time to install those applications on nivio.

In conclusion you can get your all devices connected with nivio and its price is not as much high as its functionality . the initial price of nivio service is $30 for a month and if you are student they are offering very convenient $4 per month.

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