How To Access Kindle Store On iPad

Every iPad user will love the Amazon kindle app for it’s user interface, functionality, and other features, which will let us to read the eBooks from Amazon without any distractions.

Until 2012, the kindle app for iPad has the “shop in kindle store” button at the top right corner, for buying eBooks from Amazon. But due to Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire tablet war, Apple asked a huge 30% for all the purchases made within the Kindle iPad app.

This made Amazon to completely to go the other way (they have decided not to pay 30% of all the purchases to Apple) and in the latest updates released for the Kindle app they have removed this option completely.

Access Kindle Store On iPad

Does this mean we can’t buy or download new eBooks from Amazon using iPad? No, we can still do it but now we have to do it in a different way.

Accessing Kindle Store On iPad

In the previous versions, when we click on the “Shop In Kindle Store” button on the Kindle app, all it has done was redirecting us to the iPad browser to buy new eBooks/stuffs, etc.

Now since the option has been removed by Amazon completely, we have to make the switch ourself.

1) Open up Safari browser on the iPad.

2) Type in the address bar and hit enter.

3) Now log into your Amazon account and buy new Kindle eBooks of your choice.

4) Now visit your Kindle app on iPad and tap on Archived Items button. Now from here, you can download the new Kindle eBooks you have bought to your iPad.

That’s it! Now you can access kindle store on your iPad, buy Kindle eBooks and download them on your Kindle app for iPad pretty easily.

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