How To Access Files From USB Though Metro Apps In Windows 8

If you are using windows 8 on your system then you might have noticed that you can download apps from the windows 8 store. You can find apps for different purpose in the store and also replace the most commonly used apps on your desktop so that you can use the metro UI more.

But certain apps like Xbox music, Xbox video and photo apps can only access the files that are stored in your library and no matter what you do you can’t access the files stored in your USB drive or any other external storage.


We have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to use the metro apps to access your files in USB storage or SD card. This guide can also be applied for Windows RT which is running on tablets.

How To Access From USB Drive Through Metro Apps

  1. Open your USB drive and create separate folder for your contents. You need to create music, videos and photo folder. Then you need to transfer your files to the appropriate folders.
  2. To make your USB drive or SD card accessible from different location open the disk management utility by pressing Win key + X and clicking on disk management.
  3. In the utility locate your removable drive and right click on it. Then click on change drive letter and paths
  4. Click on add and then enter a location from where the removable drive can be accessible for example C:USB or C:Sd card
  5. Now you can access your USB drive or SD card will be accessible from the location that you have specified.
  6. Now you need to the folder to your library so select library and in the explorer menu click on file to access the manage library icon and click it.
  7. Click on add button and to add your content from the removable drive.
  8. You can repeat the process for different libraries until your content is added.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to access the files stored on your removable drive from your metro apps.

Let us know if you come across any other method with which you can make your content in USB drive or SD card accessible from the metro apps.

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