How To Access Facebook When Blocked

If you notice that Facebook has been blocked maybe by your ISP or even by your school network or something along those lines then there is many ways to unblock it.

There is whats called a proxy service. So you could use a proxy website, so if you just search for ‘Proxy website’ or even ‘Unblock Facebook at School’ then you will find a service which actually helps you unblock Facebook if it has been blocked for you so that you are unable to access it.

Access Blocked Facebook

There is another way to do it also, which means you do not need to actually use a proxy site and this is by using some software called ‘Tor (The Onion Router)’. It is a free software which re-routes your IP to another computer. Now Tor (The Onion Router) is sometimes illegal to use in some country’s because it means you can view content which is actually blocked.

Facebook is blocked in some country’s such as china, this is because china do not want any one to go onto Facebook because it means that they have the ability to share whats going on in china with the outside world very easily and china have strict laws about what is posted online. China also even block Google search engine as they have there own search engine called Baidu and they also have there own versions of Facebook.

Iran is another country which also block Facebook and there is other country’s also such as Vietnam and others. You will not be able view the Facebook content in these country’s at all unless you use a proxy service or some sort of re-routing service.

All you need to do is trick Facebook that you are going on it from another computer by using some sort of proxy service. What a proxy service does is it lets you go on the site via a virtual machine and it will pass the content back to you.

This allows you to view the website and you will be able to navigate though it and see the content, you will be able to do all the normal things you can do on Facebook just as if it wasn’t even blocked, you will be able to post wall comments, like content and posts, chat, upload images and even watch videos.

If you have seen that Facebook is blocked at a school or other education network then you will need to use a proxy because downloading free software like the Tor (The Onion Router) then this might not be allowed if its not actually your own computer but if the computer is owned by you and something is blocking the Facebook content then you can use whatever method you choose.

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