How The Google Nexus Tablet Is Going To Be Like

You might have come across the large number of rumors that are doing the rounds in the market regarding the launch of the Google nexus tablet. It is one of the most discussed news these days and people are eagerly waiting for the nexus to arrive.

Different kinds of rumors can be heard from different online stores. But what people actually want to know is how the nexus is going to look like. It is believed that the Google nexus is going to be 7 inches long.

There are websites which have even published a few photographs of the upcoming Google nexus tablet. According to one of the websites, if the nexus actually looks like that of the photograph then it can surely become a pretty addition to the world of tablets.

According to the pictures the nexus has a white front and two tones back. But there is no surety of an earpiece slit in the phone. It is going to have a video chat camera in the front. It can also have different kinds of sensors as well as circle on the back which is going to be the rear camera.

There is confusion with the name too. Whether the name is Google nexus tablet or Google Asus nexus 7 is not yet fixed. Some of the specifications have also come up like the resolution of the screen is going to be 768X1280 pixels.

It should have the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core 1.3 GHz cortex A9 processor. It should also feature the Nvidia ULP GeForce GPU. All these tips are actually received from phone websites. It is going to feature a memory of 1GB RAM.

There are more features discussed on the website like the tablet is going to run the updated version of android ice cream sandwich which is the jelly bean. There is an upgrade in the android 4.1 and it becomes android 5.0 in the new tablet. This new addition is going to bring a host of new applications and features to the tablet.

The new nexus tablet is going to be priced below $250 which makes it more attractive. The new updates can be shared at the I/O conference by Google. The version of the android is going to change but it does not mean everything is going to turn around just like the previous updates.

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