How Google Plus Events Can Help You And Your Business

Busy people have the tendency of forgetting some of the important events where they should be. Actually, this is not a healthy act especially to people who use events to gather more clients for their business. For this case, they may need the help of an application which can guide them in being updated on what to happen on the next day thus, making them more prepared. If you are interested with this, then read further.

As of now, it is the Google Plus Events which is widely used by all modes of people. This is the handiest application you may ever have as it is downloadable on Android phones and on iPhone.

Google Plus Events

Google Plus Events will be more helpful if you will integrate it with the Google Calendar. Google Calendar is released a lot earlier than Google Plus Events. However, Google Calendar is a plain planner which does not alert you on anything. If Google Plus events and Google Calendar will have their combined capabilities on your computer or mobile phone, then you will have a more organized schedule everyday.

Cool Features of Google Plus Events

1. If you are planning to send an invitation using Google Plus Events, then you are now allowed to use GIF files to make it more attractive. You can even attach a YouTube video on it making it a very innovative e-invitation.

2. Now, if you are a subscriber of Google Calendar, a person who will send you an invitation through Google Plus Events will directly send it to your Google Calendar. There is a real time update between Google Plus Events and Google Calendar.

3. Google Plus is known to have the most secured options for its users. Because of this, engaging with Google Plus Events is secured as you are always provided several options regarding the group of people who are allowed to view it. It is customizable. You can enjoy the advantage of “Go on Air” as you can put your created event public on Google Plus and allow others to join you.

4. If you are a party animal and wanted others to see the real score on the ongoing party, you can choose the “Party Mode” feature. It allows you to post updates with the pictures and videos. Actually, this has been used by most bloggers as this can also be considered as the live stream to an ongoing party. The “Party Mode” feature will only be seen by people who are also in the “Party Mode”. They can view real time updates. Now, this can allow you to tell everyone how you enjoy the party and might as well urge them to have their way to the party location.

5. You can also access the “Event Highlights” picture which allows you to go back to the posted pictures which the party is still ongoing. This is perfect for people who went into that event and wanted to view how they looked on that party.

Although Google Plus is still on its way in getting the trust of most people, most professionals have started settling with Google Plus because of its smart applications and security as well.

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