Handy Applications for Windows 8 Users

While the number of apps available for Windows 8 users is closer to 40,000 but there is still a good bunch of selection whether you want to play games, read books, watch videos, do social networking and many other things.


Apps for the Bookworms

For those who want to read books, there are apps like Nook and Kindle, as well as freda, which support EPUB, HTML, FB2, and TXT formats.


Freda includes links to free on-line catalogs, and interfaces with Calibre, to manage your e-book library.  If your favorite reading material is comic books, you can try Comixology, with a library of around 20,000 titles.

Videos, TV and News


There are apps like Netflix and Hulu which allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies.  The Netflix app lets you watch on one device, then pick up another device and continue from the same point.  If you are into YouTube, the PrimeTube app lets you watch on-line, save to watch offline, and share videos with other compatible devices.  If you prefer radio, the Slacker Radio is the best option.  You can pin your favorite stations to the home screen for easy access.  Pure DJ lets you mix songs, jump tracks, and put your own spin on your favorite songs.

If your information gathering interests are more for hard news, you may be interested in Pulse News or News Republic.  Either app lets you customize your home screen by selecting your favorite news sources.

Apps for the Social Networking Geeks


If you are into social networking, there is IM+ which works with most of the social networking sites to bring all your chats onto one page with an easy to use lay-out.  MetroTwit is a Twitter client designed especially for Windows 8.  It has a clean user interface, and features making it useful for avid Twitter fans.  Another Twitter app is available in Cowlick!  The two apps have some differing features, so you may want to check out both to see which one suits your style. Of course there are apps for each of the individual social networking sites as well, such as Facebook and Google+.

Apps for the Productivity Group


There are also apps for the productivity minded users.  Adobe Reader lets you work with your PDF files across devices.  One Note, a note taking app, lets the user access the cloud on SkyDrive.  If your preferred Internet sharing program is Dropbox, that app is available too.  Another note taking option is Evernote, which permits including pictures if your device has a camera.

Sketchbook express lets you draw your notes.  And Fhotoroom lets you clean up and tweak your pictures.

Apps for the Gamers


Of course, there are many gaming options.  Xbox lovers will want to check out Smartglass, which lets you turn your device into a controller for your Xbox, and sync games from one device to another.  The ever popular Angry Birds Star Wars, Fruit Ninja, and Jewel Fever are also available.   The more active gamers may want to try Ball Strike, in which the gamer hits virtual objects flying at him.  Wordament is a word making game in which the player can challenge others on line.

There are many other amazing apps available at the Windows app store but the ones given at the top are highly rated by existing users.

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