Handy Applications for the Ubuntu OS

There are thousands of applications at the Ubuntu Software Center and elsewhere on the Web.  Whether you want games, productivity software, multimedia tools, graphics editors or just things to make the usage of the computer easier and more flexible, you can find them here.  This article will review a few of your viable options.


Media Management

VLC Media Player is the most popular media format and it streams from network sources.  It can also be used as a server to multi-cast the stream that it reads to other network clients.  Plug-ins can also be added to support additional formats.


Audacious is a media player that supports MP3s, Ogg Vorbis/Theoera, AAC and AAC+, FLAC, ALAC, Windows Media and Wave.  It can be extended through plug-ins.


Gimp Image Editor is a picture editor.  You can use it to retouch and edit photos or scanned images and also to create drawings or your own images. It has many editing tools, filters and features. It also has fine control settings.


Fluendo DVD Player helps to play DVDs and videos.



Gwoffice is a new app.  It is for the purpose of editing Google Docs outside the browser. It downloads and syncs docs and can also upload certain types of files just by drag and drop.


NitroShare is another new app.  It permits the sharing of files amongst all computers on the same network. The app also works with Windows. Thus, files can be shared between computers on the same local network irrespective of whether they are running Windows or Linux.


TickIt is a simple app for managing your to-do list.  You can add deadlines, notes, priorities and make multiple task lists.

to do list


Warzone 2100 is a game in which the player commands forces in an effort to rebuild the world after a nuclear war. It has many features and modes along with great reviews.


Ryzom is a sci-fi multiplayer role playing game that is set about 2000 years in the future. It is an online game that is free to download and play.


Stellarium is a virtual planetarium. It shows realistic views of the sky, so that you can see all that you see with your eyes or even a small telescope. It includes star catalogs and a number of other tools for the armchair astronomer.


System Tools

Fogger is a new app that creates separate windows for desktop applications. This permits the user to easily switch between them all.


Cuttlefish allows the user to create a rule to automatically run an action upon the occurrence of a certain event. For example, it can automatically launch a specified program when a defined network is detected.


Download Monitor is a handy tool for users with bandwidth restrictions. It monitors bandwidth and total download usage. It also allows the user to set up fixed quotas for usage.


Ubuntu-restricted-extras is a package of commonly used applications including MP3, avi, mpeg, True Type, Java, Flash and Codecs.


Cuckoo is an alarm clock application. It has the option of customizing volume and sounds.


IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is a free application development tool for Java, Groovy, Scala and Android.


Create Launcher helps the user create custom launchers for applications that do not come with them. It is user friendly and thus helpful for less skilled users and it is flexible enough to provide more options to the skilled users.





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