How To Secure Your Data

If you’re running windows 7 or vista ultimate or enterprise version then you are able to use the Bitlocker encryption facility which is available in OS for the encryption of your data.

But what if you’re using Windows XP then how can you encrypt your data? Sometimes even having windows7 or vista the right version you are not able to use bitlocker because you don’t have TPM enabled drive.

Secure Data

In this article we will take a look at TrueCrypt a free encryption utility that will enable you to encrypt your device and save them securely.

Instructions On Using TrueCrypt:

  1. Truecrypt is open source free encrypting software that is available for use in the windows, MAC and linux. It will allow you to encrypt entire hard disk, partitions, USB drives or any folder thus making sure that no one is able to use your data.
  2. Download the free software and install it. Create a restore point before installing the software.
  3. Once installation has been completed open truecrypt and click on create volume to set up the disc for partition.
  4. The entire disc set up process is wizard based as a result even a complete beginner will be able to use the software for encryption and security needs.
  5. Once the wizard opens you will be presented with three types of volume creation option so select the third option encrypt the system partition or entire system drive.
  6. In the next screen you will be presented to select the encryption process so select the AES encryption from the drop down menu and then restart the computer to complete the entire process.
  7. Once you click for restart the encryption process will start and the encryption time will depend on the size of the drive and the amount of the data being encrypted. For example a drive of 320 GB encryption will take almost 4 hours.
  8. After you have restarted your PC you need to log in with the password that you created in the truecyrpt during setting up the encryption drive process.
  9. After you have entered the password you will log in to the windows.
  10. If you have just encrypted a partition of the hard drive then you will be required to input the password every time you want to use or access the files from that drive.

Truecrypt is a very versatile option for encrypting your data on any system. The best part is that it is very easy to use and all the instructions are provided step by step through a wizard.

You can use it to encrypt your UBS drives and even specific folders or drive partitions. Unlike Bitlocker you can use it on system which lacks TPM drives.

Truecrypt can be used in any OS’s easily and best part is that its free and open source. Instead of spending some paid utility you will get more options and much more user friendliness from truecypt.

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  1. I have heard about TrueCrypt, but haven’t really thought about actually encrypting a partition on my hard drive. I have heard of many people that encrypt their hard drives for added protection for their personal information. I may do so for my external and portable hard drives, as they are easy to steal and read.

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