Grab Free Music On Your iPhone 4S

The era of subscriber identity module (SIM) card less mobile has actually started.  And the company that produces it is none other than the “Apple”. The fifth version of iPhone operating system is a great plus point for the device. Apple iPhone 4S is a completely different one, fully packed with features which cannot be found in every other Smartphone. The 8 mega pixel with LED flash and touch focus camera provides a powerful feature to capture radiant images. Also, the video can be recorded in high definition at 1080 pixels in 30 frames per seconds. But one thing that really takes off the charm is that you have to pay for listening to your favorite music.


No Need to Spend a Penny

Are you really aggravated by the fact that you have to compensate for the music you love when others having some local brand enjoy it for free?  Put a full stop to all your worries, as paying for music in today’s world is just a bad joke. What follows are a series of tips one has to abide by, in order to plug-in their headphones and enjoy the music free of cost on iPhone 4S.


  • With the help of the USB cable that came with the package, connect your iPhone to your PC or laptop.
  • Open iTunes software installed on your PC. If you don’t have one, get it from the relevant website.
  • Now open up your preferred internet browser and go to
  • Find the search bar in the website that opens up and search for the music you would like to have in your playlist.
  • Check whether your desired song is playable or not by clicking the play button.
  • If the file is properly encrypted and the song plays on, go to the website by clicking the visit site link.
  • This process may lead you to a new window or a new tab popping up instantly.
  • The search result location indicates a link which when clicked will end up in downloading the desired music.
  • Now create a playlist in iTunes for this purpose and drag the song that you have stored in your private disk to this particular playlist.
  • Then click the music tab in iTunes software and check your playlist in which you have added your favorite songs.
  • Synchronize them to your iPhone 4S.

Once you are done with the synchronization process, the tracks will show up on your playlist and you can listen to them without spending even a penny.

This would not cause any bugs or problems to sprout on your system, as it is the safest way to get free music running on your device legally.

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