Google Will Sell Nexus Tablet Directly Through Its Online Store

We all already know about Google’s plan to entire into the tablet market with the launch of a Nexus Tablet (which we assume will be the name for the Google Tablet). But, none of us know exactly when will Google launch the Nexus tablet or what will be the specifications and features of the tablet.

A recent rumor from a trusted source suggests that the Google’s tablet will be manufactured by ASUS and to confirm this Wall Street Journal has published a story which tells that the Nexus tablet will be manufactured by ASUS.

The report from WSJ also suggests that people who are close to the Nexus Tablet department of Google knows that the tablet will be sold directly via Google’s own-branded online store similar to their selling of Nexus One smartphone in 2010.

There is also another rumor from a trusted source, suggests that Samsung will also manufacture a Nexus tablet (which is not possible to believe), but the source haven’t mentioned why and when the process will start.

We all know both Samsung and ASUS are already famous in the tablet industry with their Galaxy and Transformer series respectively. This seriously makes us to doubt whether they will sign a deal for the production of the Google’s Nexus Tablet.

Regardless of it, a new rumor suggests that the ASUS made Google’s tablet will have a 7-inch screen with Android Jelly Bean OS and it will be sold for a price of $149.99 which is $50 lesser than the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is the most popular lower cost tablet in the tablet industry.

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