Google Wallet Now Gets Support On Google Nexus 7

On the Google Plus page of Google Wallet the team disclosed today their service is now also available on the newly released Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The Google Wallet team said it will work perfect on Android 4.1.1 update and it is good news that all the Nexus 7 is tablet is being released with this Android 4.1.1 software update.

The team writes on the social network page that owners of the tablet would be able to make the payment by just a tap on the gadget. Outside this people need to have a stored Google Prepaid card, MasterCard, or gift card to make the payment. Also, no Visa for such users.

Nexus 7 users just need to wake the device to make a purchase and at checkout simply select “pay with credit” and tap and pay holding it against the terminal. Here loading of Google Wallet app is also not necessary.

If any other card is not selected manually, the default card will be used to make the payment. If it is necessary, you can also enter pin of Google Wallet on the tablet and then tap the terminal once again.

It is just the beginning of the NFC technology so there may be minimal support.

Remember, the method can be more secure only after using a PIN on the device.

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