Google Updates Spreadsheet With Lock Down Feature

Google goes a step ahead in adding new and unique feature to its spreadsheet service. Now you can lock selective cells so that it is not edited by other users with whom the document has been shared.

This new feature helps in protecting the data from mistakenly being edited by other users on board. The feature is dubbed as Protected Ranges.

Google says this new feature is intended to stop the spreadsheet cells being modified accidentally.

In Protected Ranges feature designated sections becomes restricted to be changed by other users who don’t have editing rights for those cells.

To make the feature work first you need to highlight the cells to which you want it to be locked and then right-click the highlighted cells to bring up the menu. There you need to choose ‘Named and protect range’. After this you need to click first on ‘protect’ and then on ‘done’.

You can also grant permissions to others who can access these selected cells from the full editing rights in the main menu.

There are other new features also updated simultaneously by Google on its online spreadsheet document service.

Are you using Google Spreadsheet? Do share your experience trying this new feature with your fellow readers in the below given comment section.

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