Google To Partner Samsung For Low-cost Nexus Tablet

A war of low priced tablet has already begun. Google too wants to have a market share in this segment. It is lately rumored that the search giant has plans of unveiling an Android tablet for a price of $199, or even below this amount. Remember, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is price tagged at the same price.

There has been no official word from Google so far about its low-cost Android tablet which is actually code named as Nexus Tablet, but a hint of this was given by CEO Larry Page in an earnings call last month.

Answering to a question about the market for Android tablets, Larry Page said they believe there would be good amount of success at the lower end and the company is focused on it.

According to a report published on The Wall Street Journal, Google may sell Android Nexus tablets and smartphones from about 5 different suppliers. The devices will run on Android 5.0 Jellybean operating system that is to be released by this year end.

It is further learned that Google may be partnering Samsung for the manufacturing of the low-cost Nexus tablet. Earlier, Google and Samsung partnered for manufacturing Google’s Nexus S smartphone, which is available from Sprint and Verizon on contract, and is also being sold directly from Google without any contract. It is expected that this new 7-inch low-cost tablet may be sold online via Google Play store.

According to Roger Kay analyst, Samsung may prove to be the best potential hardware partner for the search giant to manufacture Nexus Android tablets, as it has done pretty good on quality.

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